TLC 24/7

TLC 24/7

The surge of adrenaline on the ‘first day of school’ (the beginning of each project) is incredible and quite often preceded by days/weeks/months of an easily motivated version of ourselves. It is so much easier to value ourselves when we have been hired. I used to struggle a great deal with maintaining that level of belief in between contracts but it really hit hard once I had moved to Germany (see Time to take stock)
The motivation to look after ourselves comes from whether we respect ourselves. I find it much easier to take my health and well-being seriously when I have a heavy workload. I still associate work with success and self-worth. This is troublesome, and I’m working on it! When I imagine an older version of myself, I certainly don’t imagine an unhealthy, unhappy person. So how do I get there? By starting now

Part of courage is simple consistency

Peggy Noonan

If we see each day as an investment in our future, it can become easier to prioritise our health. We can’t know how much work we will have in coming years or if we’ll even be singing. We can, however, wish to be healthy and strong (mentally and physically). If you consider the moments and events over the last 10 years that have stuck with you as memories to cherish, how many more will you wish to look back on in another 10 years? When do they get made? Now!

It is not a race, and some days will not provide proof of the achievements to date, but by keeping the long term goal/version of ourselves in mind, it can take the pressure off, and motivate us to prioritise health more consistently