Flying fun

Flying fun

I am flying with a large case and hand luggage, due to the 9 days between the removals van leaving and me actually flying out to Munich. Bedding has taken up most of the weight limit but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the last few nights under a single duvet – precious, I know.

On checking in, the usual irksome issue rose it’s head: when asked for my nationality, the answers of ‘British’ or ‘English’ were not accepted. The answer is, apparently, United Kingdom. What?! United Kingdom-ish? Grrrr

Baggage check-in and I’m 5kgs over the allowance. For the first time ever, no excuses came to mind until I remembered I’m MOVING to Germany and though I’m not convinced he believed me, I was let off with no extra charge! I wonder if that’s a regular excuse. No doubt more feasible on a single rather than return ticket!

Relishing a ‘final’ full English at the airport, now, alongisde my favourite pastime: people watching. Airports are particularly good fodder for this, as the people invariably fall into two categories
1) the frequent or confident flyer
2) stressed

I’m sat two tables away from a couple. She falls into category 1 and he, into 2 so it’s delightfully entertaining. Bearing witness to her becoming incresingly calm in direct contrast to his stress levels rising at a great pace due to the laptop not charging the satnav quickly enough/ketchup being slow to plunge onto his plate and when it does, over his sausage (he only wanted it on the bacon). For the purposes of the tape, I am not earwigging. They extend an invite to everyone’s ears through the generosity of their searing accents and booming natural projection

I wouldn’t say I enjoy flying, but it’s only extreme weather conditions that give me any real cause for concern and once through security, I like to revel in that rare scenario whereby you have nowhere to go and nothing to do beyond picking up some water, grabbing some food and perusing the duty-free but still over-priced luxury items. That said, must keep an eye on the departures board. Being so relaxed that I miss my flight would be just the kind of thing I would do…


P.S. I’m here! Due to an error, my seat was upgraded to business class – what a way to start this next chapter. Much as I planned (in the 20 paces between boarding gate and plane) to take it all in my stride, I could not hide how thrilled I was. I am certain there will have been no doubt in the minds of  my fellow passengers and crew that I was an ‘upgrade case’.